A downloadable game for Windows

A home defense sandbox game in Virtual Reality where you fight against waves of enemies. 

You can jump high, hit hard and cut enemies into pieces. With the Patreon edition, you can also grab & throw them

There are plenty of enemies for you to choose from. You can also mod in your own enemies

This game is in development and will receive many future updates.

This game is in Early Access on Patreon. The full early access is on Patreon: https://lilhuskyvr.itch.io/1234-patreon/patreon-access. Patreon who unlocks this version can also have all the premium Patreon mods

Current gameplay: 

Tutorial videos: 

If you would like to support the development of 1234, consider supporting me on Patreon: https://lilhuskyvr.com/patreon

Join our Discord for support: https://lilhuskyvr.com/discord


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