Head Collector VR New Update: Public Execution Game Mode

In this update, you have a chance to try out our main character: Head Collector VR daily job aka what he does for a living!

This is a very difficult part to program and I have wrote about 2000 more lines of code to tailor the new behaviors of the NPCs

In this game mode, for the best to enjoy it you should set the number of enemies as 5-10 and the number of friends to about 5-10 as well. The friendly NPCs play as the audience in the video. They will watch and cheer to the execution. However some of them support the sentenceds, so instead of cheering they will cry.

This game mode is supported with a heavy, slow and somber music to dampen the atmosphere. You also can hear the audience taunts the sentenced or when they cry when their friends depart from this world

If you kill any from the audience, all of them will run away. Just be a good executioner

Have fun!

Download it here: 

Head Collector VR Patreon Edition (1234 VR) by Lil Husky VR (itch.io)


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Version 93 Dec 25, 2023

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