Head Collector VR New Update: Boss Battle

In this update: 

- Dismemberment fixed: smoother, more performant and no melted cheese bug anymore =))

- Character can turn slowly toward you instead of snap turn

- Lots of bug fixes and performance boosts I can't remember enough

- New feature: Boss battle (check video): its very simple, kill 10 NPCs and 1 boss will appear. You can toy around with it. It's very hard to kill but have some weak spots. I'll tell you one of them: 

- Neck: like a titan in Attack On Titan, just slice its neck and all done (check video)

Please comment if you can find more weak spots

The boss will drop 10x more gold for you to unlock items faster!!!

Have fun!

Download it here: https://lilhuskyvr.itch.io/1234-patreon


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